Leslie Zurek-Silvestri will put all residents first

Your voice heard at City Hall

  • Communicating, listening and advocating for residents
  • Regular town hall meetings with action plans and implementation
  • Working together with rate payers associations
  • Being accessible to residents with good customer service
  • Use of social media to engage with residents
  • Regular newsletters

Respecting tax dollars

  • Ensuring money is not wasted and looking for alternative ways to increase revenue 
  • Reviewing duplication of service
  • Advocating for fair property tax
  • Increasing transparency and accountability at city hall
  • Encouraging better coordination and timing of projects

Youth Employment

  • Creating and encouraging opportunities for youth employment and co-op
  • Supporting plans for affordable transit for post secondary students

Reduce poverty

  • Working with the local agencies to find solutions to address affordable housing
  • Providing more educational tools to help those struggling to make the dollar stretch further
  • Educating about recycling of clothing and household items in the community to encourage more re-purposing, promotion of using refillable water bottles
  • Continuing to work with newcomers

Reduce traffic gridlock

  • Assessing high traffic areas and supporting initiatives for traffic calming
  • Priority Outreach sessions addressing concerns in the communities directly affected by Hurontario LRT and updates regarding transportation around the Dundas Connects

Maintaining COMMUNITY AND green spaces

  • Ensuring tree maintenance and pathways are clear for residents during their walks
  • Cooksville clean up action plan
  • Encouragement of cycling

Safe neighbourhood strategy

  • Improving pedestrian safety
  • Addressing the increased coyote presence with an action plan
  • Advocating and working for adequate emergency services as the population continues to grow in Ward 7
  • Advocating for traffic calming signage in residential neighbourhoods with solid proven plan

Support Seniors

  • Outreach to educate seniors of supportive programs available
  • Outreach for phone line for support
  • Supporting living in home and care in home for Seniors not wanting to move 
  • Offering incentives and rolling out a plan for shared living space